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  • - EXCL Sundance Preview: Arlen Faber Clip & Interview. "The Sundance Film Festival is just a week away and has a first look at one of the movies in the dramatic competition, John Hindman's Arlen Faber. It stars Jeff Daniels as the title character, the author of the popular spiritual self-help book "Me and God" who has remained in hiding for 20 years. On the eve of the 20th Anniversary, Arlen meets a single mother named Elizabeth (Lauren Graham) and a young man fresh out of rehab (Lou Taylor Pucci), who are looking for the answers they think only Arlen can provide, but he might not be the guy with all the answers they're expecting."

  • - Lauren Graham ABC America has given a production commitment to an as yet untitled half-hour comedy in which she will star and serve as a producer. Lauren plays a self-help guru who teaches other women how to live a stress-free life, while she struggles to follow her own advice when her boyfriend dumps her. This might all sound familiar as the writer Alex Herschlag (Will and Grace) was affected by last years writers strike and the project was shelved. This marks a reunion between ABC and Lauren who got her big break staring alongside Molly Ringwald and Jenna Elfman in the short-lived Townies.

  • - Lauren Graham's newest movie due out Early in 2009 has had a name change Arlen Faber is the new title named after the lead character played by Jeff Daniels. Also some official photos from the movie thanks to Nadine.

  • - Flash of Genius is the must-see DVD is coming out February 17, 2009. The movie tells the true story of an ordinary man and his extraordinary fight against one of the most powerful corporations in the world. Critics are hailing it "A terrific film" (Larry King), "Inspirational" (Rafer Guzman, Newsday), and "A celebration of the American Dream and fighting for it!" (Rachel Smith, FOX-TV).

  • - First Look: GUYS & DOLLS's - Broadway's Musical - Art! - Here's a peek at art for the quite exciting revival of Guys and Dolls coming to the Nederlander this spring, helmed by Des McAnuff (Jersey Boys) and starring Oliver Platt as Nathan Detroit and Lauren Graham as Miss Adelaide, with more big names to come soon. I think the art is snazzy & I *love* the "BROADWAY'S MUSICAL" tagline.

Click on the picture for the full poster

  • Lauren Graham on the CBS Late Late Show - Very funny interview with Craig Ferguson on the CBS Late Late Show, October 31th (Halloween) 2008. they talk about Halloween, Lauren's German Shepard Hannah and her new Broadway show "Guys and Dolls". YouTube clip or download it here plus also a transcript of the interview.

    This picture can be found in the new book Hollywood Pinups by Timothy White
  • - Lauren Graham Joins ‘Guys and Dolls’ - The coming revival of “Guys and Dolls” has cast the role of the most important doll of them all: Lauren Graham, below, the “Gilmore Girls” star, will make her Broadway debut as Miss Adelaide, the long-suffering, psychosomatically afflicted fiancée of Nathan Detroit, the show’s producers announced. She joins Oliver Platt, who producers previously announced had been cast as Nathan Detroit. The show, to be directed by Des McAnuff and choreographed by Sergio Trujillo, is to begin previews on Feb. 3 at the Nederlander Theater, at 208 West 41st Street, and open March 1.

  • - The lovely Lauren Graham, best known for her work on TV's Gilmore Girls, is currently on the big screen in Flash of Genius.

    Pictures available at and

  • A couple of other recent talk show appearences for Lauren Craig Ferguson 2.10.2008 and The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos 2.10.2008 on YouTube

  • New TV Project in the works, Lauren Graham says she expects to be back on the tube in a comedy soon. "I started writing this year and I started developing a TV show." "The TV show is not a thing I can talk about yet, but I started having these meetings and I have found a show runner I like who's really funny." "The next time around, I can be more pro-active and look for something and develop it and be part of the process instead of being simply an actor for hire." The cancellation of Gilmore Girls still smarts, hence her desire for more control next time. "Everybody was mad for so many reasons. We'd already had a wrap party thinking we'd possibly come back. People had not been told in any nice way. My TV dad found out from his video store clerk, 'Sorry about your show.' "

  • Lauren on The Ellen DeGeneres Show - Lauren Graham was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday 29th of September, "I am pleased to welcome the always enchanting LAUREN GRAHAM, who can be seen in the new film “Flash of Genius” -- and get this, Lauren tells me that she landed the role after being seen on my show!"

    MP3 - For those with a slow connection I uploaded the mp3 audio here.

  • Lauren Graham Discusses "Flash of Genius" Producer–turned-director Marc Abraham wasn't familiar with Lauren Graham's work, however she just happened to be on The Ellen Show when her agent was discussing a role in Flash of Genius with Abraham on the phone. After checking her out on the show, Abraham believed Graham would be right for the role of Phyllis, mother of six and wife of Robert Kearns, the man who spent years fighting against the Ford Motor Company in order to get credit for his invention (intermittent windshield wipers). "I think we just kind of connected," said Graham about meeting Abraham for the first time. "We definitely connected as people, all of us. I just did a lot of research. I read The New Yorker article. There's a whole other world of sort of preparation you can do when something is based on a true story that I never get to do. So I just looked up everything I could and I really loved the script. A lot of these parts…this part was a supporting part for sure, but it was a little smaller even and so sometimes the challenge is to kind of flesh it out for yourself and maybe for the story. So I just had a lot of thoughts about it." read more here

  • - LAUREN GRAHAM REINVENTS HERSELF "My friend started making fun of me and was like, 'So you're doing the movie about the guy who invented the thing that goes on the end of your shoelaces? The guy who invented the safety seal on Band-Aids?' " she says with a laugh. - credit Nadine

  • Pictures from the LA Premiere of Flash of Genius thanks to update more at and also and video from

  • Pictures from the official Flash of Genius press conference which was held at the Four Seasons Hotel on September 12. Thanks to Nadine and Wireimage

  • Flash of Genius LA Premirer - 22nd of September at the Bruin Theatre in Westwood, Lauren and Greg will be there. BobK41@FanForum

  • Flash of Genius 2008 Toronto International Film Festival red carpet interview with Lauren, Greg, Alan and the director. YouTube video

  • - Flash of Genius 2008 Toronto International Film Festival press conference pictures. lancer1993@FanForum - update more pic's now at

  • Flash of Genius official web site - complete with the movie trailer, wallpapers, cast bios and much more.
  • - Flash of Genius Complete Photo Gallery - IESB has got a complete image gallery from FLASH OF GENIUS starring Greg Kinnear out from Picturehouse October 3.

  • - Flash of Genius - Wed Sept 24, 5:30pm Wheeler Opera House Our Opening Night presentation is an advance preview of Flash of Genius starring Greg Kinnear. This first feature, based on a true story, compellingly relates college professor and part-time inventor Robert Kearns’ (Kinnear) David and Goliath battle with the U.S. auto industry. Also stars Alan Alda and Dermot Mulroney.

  • - Telluride film festival - ...Among the relative unknown pics with Oscar hopes on their sleeves are Flash of Genius, a heart-tugging David-and-Goliath story starring Greg Kinnear in a moving performance as the inventor of the intermittent windshield wiper who takes on Ford and loses everything in the process. Universal backed this deliberately old-fashioned drama, directed by producer-turned-director Marc Abraham (Children of Men, The Family Man). Kinnear was nominated for As Good as it Gets, so he's in the Oscar zone. But while he and Lauren Graham give their all, the tearkjerker has not built much momentum here, and even with mighty Universal behind it, will need great reviews to get anywhere...gjoni@FanForum

  • Flash of Genius is now set to open in the US on October 3rd. Credit Nadine - This is very good news as it was to open the same week as Oliver Stone's much anticipated W.

  • Flash of Genius - inverview with Dennis Kearns "My dad had all the money he could ever spend because he never spent money," said Dennis. "It was never about the money. It was about proving he was right? Robert Kearns died of cancer Feb. 9, 2005, at age 77.

  • - Flash of Genius He's not always likable or rational (Greg Kinnear) - he's the kind of guy who turns down the advances of his lovely wife (Lauren Graham, looking great in a nightgown as the mother of his six kids) to go work in his basement on his invention! Graham has a few good lines in the first half of the film, as does Dermont Mulroney, as Kearn's car dealer friend/parnter, but the two almost disappear in the second half of the film. This being a true story, I'm sure the writers were boxed in somewhat, and I'm not sure how much artistic license they took.

  • - Caroline in the City - The First Season "There are some fun guest star spots, including Jean Stapleton as Caroline's aunt, and, for you Gilmore Girls fans, a young Lauren Graham as Richard's daffy girlfriend, a girlfriend he doesn't especially want to be with but who refuses to give him up. In fact, one of the few exceptional gags is the denouement of her giving her dog away, a dog Richard has professed is the reason he can't keep seeing her--when he tracks the dog's new owner down, there's a reveal that is at once hilarious and perfectly in keeping with Richard's "I can't win for losing" philosophy. If only the first season as a whole could have been filled with such sharp, albeit politically incorrect, observation." Out on DVD August 12, 2008

  • - Movie Preview: Flash of Genius - Honestly, if one were trying to get folks excited about a movie, a good way to fail would be to say it's about the guy who invented the intermittent windshield wiper systems used on cars. The movie opens Oct. 25

  • The official Flash of Genius is now up and running with pictures, the trailer and more.

  • Flash of Genius - first look at the trailer (thanks Joy@FanForum) or download it (thanks to Denise@FanForum).

  • Flash of Genius - first look at the movie poster (thanks to Joy@FanForum) for Lauren's new movie, you can buy one on eBay (thanks Nadine@FanForum).

  • Lauren Graham Walking In Manhattan
    The gorgeous Lauren Graham was spotted walking with a male friend and child through mid-town Manhattan yesterday. Not sure if he's family, or what but doesn't Lauren look great? Anyone else desperately miss, The Gilmore Girls? - iapi173@Fanforum

    Question: Spill the beans on your Lauren Graham sighting already! How’d she look? Did she give you any scoop? — Craig
    Ausiello: I know I can be a little biased when it comes to all things LG, but I swear, the woman looked absolutely radiant. As much as I hate to say it, I think this extended tube hiatus has done wonders for her positive energy output. She was also chattier than usual, but, unfortunately, she made me promise not to “race home and put it in my blog.” (The takeaway: LG knows I have a blog!) This much I feel comfortable sharing with you: Lauren was very aware of my (ultimately futile) campaign to get her cast in NBC’s Office spin-off. And I’ll just leave it at that.
    Question: Congratulations and lots of luck at EW! Now, about your run-in with Lauren Graham: Did she say anything about a possible return to TV? — Gabriella
    Ausiello: She didn’t. And even if she did, it was off the record. However, I have since come to learn that her peeps expressed interest in Will & Grace vet Jhoni Marchinko’s HBO pilot Driving Around with Joni, about a 40-year-old widow who cruises around L.A. with her French bulldog searching for meaning in her life. I don’t think it’s going to happen, though. And it’s probably for the best. As Paul Anka can attest, Lauren doesn’t have a lot of patience for four-legged co-stars. - Nadine@Fanforum

  • - Birds of America staring Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry will be released on DVD October 21, 2008 - Jaceyjaden@FanForum

  • - Just a small mention of Lauren and her voice over work, she was mentioned in NY times "In Advertising" newsletter. "The commercials are for the Open division of American Express, which specializes in small businesses. The spots are created by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, part of MDC Partners. Ms. Graham's voice is also heard in spots for the Special K line of cereals sold by the Kellogg Company."

  • Ausiello - Lauren Graham Rejects Cupid - Talk about a match made in heaven. The brilliant words of Rob Thomas. The genius delivery of Lauren Graham. Together for the first time on TV. It could be one for the ages. Just, apparently, not these ages. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Mr. Veronica Mars recently approached Graham to play the female lead opposite Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale in ABC's forthcoming reboot of Thomas' beloved '90s dramedy Cupid.

  • - Lauren Graham is scheduled to perform at this year's "What A Pair" show on June 8. - auntbee@FanForum

  • - FRIENDS - PERRY REUNITES WITH GRAHAM - Former FRIENDS star MATTHEW PERRY has reportedly reunited with his ex-girlfriend, actress LAUREN GRAHAM. Perry, 38, dated the 41-year-old Gilmore Girls actress briefly in 2002 - but they split and stuck to being just good friends. But they are said to have rekindled their romance, going public with it at TV presenter/comedienne Ellen DeGeneres' 50th birthday party in Hollywood on Saturday (10May08). A partygoer tells the National Enquirer, "Matt and Lauren are officially a couple - again. They didn't hide their affection for each other at Ellen's party, holding hands, whispering and giggling. "It was quite apparent to everyone they're definitely more than just good friends." Fridaynightdinner@FanForum

  • - Lauren Graham was amungst 300 guest to attend Ellen DeGeneres 50th birthday party Saturday night. "On the way out, guests received donuts and coffee to go in Ellen thermoses."

  • -GRACE: We spotted former Gilmore Girl Lauren Graham celebrating with friends at the fifth anniversary party on Monday (5/5). She looked adorable, nibbling from the passed app trays. copperboom08@FanForum

  • YouTube clips of Lauren at the Women In Film Luncheon, including a short interview, thanks to blaab@FanForum

  • Lauren attended the Women In Film Luncheon, Honoring Ginnifer Goodwin. Pictures thanks for wireimage and gossipcom

  • Matt Roush - Question: (...) On another note, I miss Lauren Graham's acting. Any ideas what kind of TV show she'll fall into? She seems to be hesitant about committing herself to a TV show. Is she afraid of another cancellation (as in her pre-Gilmore days)? — Lindsey A.
    Matt Roush: (...) And to shift gears, I'd love to see Lauren Graham back on TV and soon, but not if she has to settle. A full season's breather seems time enough, but if she can wait, so can I. (And it's clear she's going to want to have a producer-level input on whatever she does next, which could also account for the delay.) The fact is this: Magical shows like Gilmore Girls are hard to come by, and roles as rich as Lorelai are just as rare. - FlyingCat@FanForum

  • Ausiello TV Guide - ABC's Cupid Takes Aim at Lauren Graham, Says RT: "I love Lauren Graham. Bobby loves Lauren Graham. We explored the possibility, but we were told it wasn't what she wanted to do right now."
    On the bright side, Graham is still very much interested in returning to TV, despite the recent dissolution of her NBC development deal. "I do want to work on television again," she tells from the Philadelphia set of The Dream of the Romans, a romantic comedy she's filming opposite Jeff Daniels. "It’s the steadiest job and the best writing for women. "I would look forward to doing something where I can have a hand in the producing of the show or the direction of the show," she continues. "One of the things that I learned while I was on the Gilmore Girls is that I want the process to be collaborative." -

  • Ausiello talks about Lauren and NBC on his vodcast today, saying that NBC applied the force majeure clause on the deal because of the writers' strike... gjoni@FanForum

  • Lauren attended the New York Premiere of Turn the River, pictures can be found at

  • - So is there anything you would have done differently if you had known it was the absolute end?
    I had an idea it was going to be over because we had been negotiating. For both of us it was so many things. Could we get a significant raise, which neither of us had during those seven years?
    Many more questions and answers on the links thanks to Danke@FanForum

  • - "Gilmore Girls" mom/hottie Lauren Graham has been keeping her girlish figure with exercise classes at Lithe Method (255 S. 17th) while in town shooting "The Dream of the Romans," which co-stars Jeff Daniels. - Big Head want Dolly@FanForum

  • - Lauren Graham and Jeff Daniels stopped into Mizu Sushi Bar (220 Market) for lunch a few times while shooting "The Dream of the Romans" near the Old City spot. On one visit, Graham got spicy rolls to go and posed for a picture with Mizu's sushi chef. - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello
    Question: How awesome would it be if Lauren Graham landed a leading role on the Office spin-off? Wouldn't she be great as the female version of Michael? What do you think the chances of that happening are, taking into consideration her mega-deal with NBC? — Mo
    Ausiello: You mean the mega-deal that may or may not have been force-majeured by the strike? Well, regardless of whether she's currently on the Peacock's payroll, I love your idea, and I think Ben Silverman and Greg Daniels would be insane not to at least consider Graham for the gig. Are you with me? If so, consider this week's Ask Ausiello Discussion Thread a makeshift petition to get LG an Office job.

  • - Flash of Genius to open October 17, 2008. Based on the real-life story of the Detroit engineer who claimed the auto industry stole his idea for the intermittent windshield wiper. Greg Kinnear, Lauren Graham and Dermot Mulroney star. - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Dream of the Romans - first pictures of Lauren from the set thanks to

  • - 'Romans' stars dine at Tinto - Tuesday's dinner reservations at the Rittenhouse Square restaurant Tinto included "Graham, party of five." As in Lauren Graham, who was not in Party of Five but Gilmore Girls. (Let's get those chick shows straight.) Graham brought along Jeff Daniels (Terms of Endearment, Dumb and Dumber) and three others, who sat in the downstairs lounge. Graham paid. Very low-key. They're in town for Monday's start of filming of the comedy/romance The Dream of the Romans. Cameras will be all around Center City for nearly a month. Daniels plays Arlen, reclusive author of a popular book about spirituality, and, as she did in Gilmore Girls, Graham plays a single mother. - blaab@FanForum

  • - stand-in/body double for one of the leads for "Dream of the Romans" She must be a Caucasian female age 25-35, 5'9", 100-125 lbs., with shoulder length dark hair. - Danke@FanForum

  • - Perhaps it should be no surprise then that Graham is moving into slightly more dramatic material with the upcoming Birds of America and Flash of Genius in order to prove her intense training (she holds a Master's Degree in acting) will not be wasted on second-best roles. - gjoni@FanForum

  • - Lauren takes a break to Cancun - Pictures - razzlephrat@FanForum

  • Dream of the Romans - - Olivia's confirmed that she's in the movie. Going by that I'd say she could be playing Anne. In March, she’ll start on Dream of the Romans, co-starring Lauren Graham. “It’s all very exciting,” she said. gossipcom@FanForum

  • - Lauren talks about Gilmore Girls on the big screen “I don’t know,” Lauren Graham said of the possibility of seeing the Gilmores on the big-screen someday. “I don’t know who makes those decisions. People always ask me that, and I’m like, ‘I don’t know’.” ele309@FanForum

  • Dream of the Romans - "The film has officially been put into the comedy/romance genre and the cinematographer will be Oliver Bokelberg, who did a fantastic job with The Station Agent a few years ago. He's got a pretty good reputation when it comes to indies." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Dream of the Romans - - New info "Know a little boy who'd work well on screen with Lauren Graham and Jeff Daniels? Graham (Gilmore Girls) and Daniels (The Squid and the Whale, Dumb & Dumber) will be here next month to shoot the romantic comedy The Dream of the Romans, and Heery Casting has been drafted to find a "worldly, precocious" white boy, age 7 or 8, to play the son of Graham's character, Elizabeth." Plus "Paul's dropped out of the project replaced by Joe Anderson. A pretty good replacement. Olivia's very cool, I could actually see her playing Anne." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Dream of the Romans - Casting sides for Alex, Elizabeth's (Lauren Graham) son "Regarding Lauren's character, single mother, who's a chiropractor who smokes and swears (well in one scene). She's very protective of Alex." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Dream of the Romans - - Posted on February 11, 2008
    Heery Casting is searching for a boy for a leading role in The Dream of the Romans, a new film starring Jeff Daniels (The Squid and the Whale) and Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls). We are looking for a Caucasian boy age 7-8. Alex is Elizabeth's son (Lauren Graham). He is worldly and precocious, but a little insecure and vulnerable since his dad walked out a year ago. Shooting begins in mid-March in Philadelphia. gossipcom@FanForum

  • Dream of the Romans - - Independent feature film shooting entirely in Philadelphia needs interns - Posted on February 8, 2008
    Dream of the Romans,an independent feature length film, will shoot entirely in Philadelphia and is seeking interns! The company is looking for interns in the following departments: Production, Art, Costumes. Please fax a resume to the number below. Make sure to indicate what department you are interested in. The film is looking for interns to work 2 days a week, 5 -7 hours and will be able to provide a small lunch allowance. gossipcom@FanForum

  • Flash of Genius release date may be wrong, it may not open until late in 2008 - gossipcom@FanForum

  • SMU workshop with Lauren - - That same evening, Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham sipped on a martini in the Mansion Bar. Just so you know, Ms. Graham got her master's in fine arts in acting from SMU. - gossipcom@FanForum

  • SMU workshop with Lauren - - Acclaimed actress Lauren Graham, co-star of Evan Almighty, meets with SMU theatre students during two days of conferences and workshops on the University campus Feb. 5-6. The 1992 Meadows M.F.A. graduate received Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for her portrayal of Lorelai Gilmore in "Gilmore Girls," which ran from 1999-2006 on The WB (now The CW) network. Her next movie, Birds of America, premiered in January 2008 at the Sundance Film Festival; another new film, Flash of Genius, is scheduled for June release. (Photo by Kim Ritzenthaler.) - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - February 06, 2008
    Question: I fear I already know the answer, but what does the strike mean for Lauren Graham and her deal with NBC? Now that other studios are getting rid of their development deals, does that mean no Lauren Graham on my television set next year? — Rachel
    Ausiello: Technically, NBC has the right to suspend/terminate her deal via the force majeure provision. And I'm guessing they did one or the other, considering NBC issued me a cryptic "no comment." Equally worrisome: When I pressed Ben Silverman about it, he urged me to "start watching 30 Rock." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Sundance Showtime Movie News Australia - youtube - Lauren and Matthew talk about Bird of America, a couple of clips from the movies is shown - lancer1993@FanForum

  • Stars Hollow Expat Visits Dallas Starbucks - - Lauren Graham, aka Lorelai Gilmore, was just spotted at the Starbucks on Oak Lawn by an interning FBvian. Rory’s mom is in town for a speaking engagement at SMU, and is apparently not as tall as expected. Gilmore Girls fans will be surprised to learn that she was not drinking coffee. She was sipping Odwalla juice instead. gjoni@FanForum

  • Fan Review - I saw the movie on the last day of Sundance. I loved it! I thought the story was really smart and funny and really sweet too. The performaces were great from all the actors. I thought it was another amazing performance from Lauren Graham. I think it was one of the best movies I have seen for a while. I cannot wait to see it again! ele309@FanForum

  • - Lauren attends TACA - Now in its 41st year, TACA awarded a record $1 million to 36 area performing arts organizations at a ceremony Monday night at the Dallas Theater Center, where the keynote speaker was actress and Southern Methodist University alumna Lauren Graham. SMU's Meadows School of the Arts, from which Ms. Graham graduated, was among the organizations funded. gossipcom@FanForum

  • juliekaye meets Lauren Graham - It's nice when a fan gets to meet a star, read all about it here

  • Not a very freindly review of Birds of America - - Sundance was strewn with the remains of dysfunctional families this year, and perhaps none was more dysfunctional than the characters in Craig Lucas' "Birds of America." But quirkiness, as it is here, is often just an excuse for eccentric behavior with no real explanation. It's an opportunity for goofy people to parade an assortment of ticks and mannerisms that an audience will presumably find amusing. "Birds of America," unfortunately, is not very convincing or funny, and will have a hard time landing in theaters. - Danke@FanForum

  • More Reviews it looks like critics don´t like Birds of America much but normal viewers like it - But the pic ends up feeling more like the season finale of a fairly interesting, somewhat derivative HBO series than stand-alone screen fare. Theatrical biz will be tepid, ancillary better. - This was a wonderful film and should not be missed even though it looks to be a straight to DVD type. - - I thought the movie was decent and had a few really funny scenes. I would probably say rent for this one. also a clip on youtube - Katka@FanForum

  • iVillage - - 2008 Sundance Film Festival Lauren Graham. Oh Lorelai Gilmore, how we've missed you. We know what you're thinking: "Wow Lauren Graham looks like she just rolled out of bed." Well keep this in mind: When Lauren got to the airport to board her flight to Sundance, she realized she forgot her license. Our favorite TV mama had to head all the way back home to retrieve her ID, rush back to the airport, and then get on the plane. We'd look frazzled too. Is Lauren a wee bit forgetful? Yes. But that's exactly why we love her. - Danke@FanForum

  • Berlinale - - Birds of America is on the EFM Screening Schedule list - European Film Market (EFM) runs for 9 days during the Berlinale, one of the top film festivals in the world. - ele309@FamForum

  • Sundance - Birds of America Review - - I connected with a lot of the moments in the film and felt the ease of the cast and their reality of the situations was touching and human and truthful. It is my Little Miss Sunshine for this year. - LG rocks my socks@FanForum

  • Sundance - Birds of America Review - - I’m getting a little tired of movies about dysfunctional families, even at this year’s Sundance. But Birds of America manages to break the mold and feel fresh and alive from the outset, delivering a warm, funny, zany, tender and compassionate film that left the audience smiling and content.... As its cut, Birds in America will get an R rating, which is too bad because this movie has a big heart and would appeal to a wide audience. (four out of four stars) - Danke@FanForum

  • Sundance - Fan Review of the premire or Birds of America, Lauren and none of the stars were there. Craig Lucas the director did the Q&A afterwards. - SaySomething@FanForum - more details on the second post

  • Sundance - YouTube - TMZ on the street with Lauren and Matt - LG - Life's Good@FanForum

  • Sundance - - radio interview with Craig Lucas (Thanks Nadine) - Danke@FanForum

  • Sundance - YouTube - EW interview with Lauren and Matt - LG - Life's Good@FanForum

  • Sundance - Radio From Hell Blog - Matt Perry and Lauren Graham are in a terribly boring and uninteresting movie entitled Birds in America. No one has actually seen this movie, but it must have been horrible enough that the two actors were too embarrassed to appear on Radio From Hell. ele309@FanForum

  • Sundance - Lauren Graham forgets her ID! - - Lauren Graham forgets her Driver's license and is turned away from her flight to the Sundance film festival. She has to go home, collect her ID and return hours later to catch a later flight. She is not in a good mood when photographers catch up with her. blaab@FanForum

  • Sundance - YouTube - 'Extra' interview of Lauren and Matthew karen29@FanForum

  • Sundance - - transcript of the CNN interview - Danke@FanForum

  • Sundance - YouTube - CNN interview with Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry ele309@FanForum

  • Sundance - YouTube - Matt and Lauren interview with The Sundance Channel chants@FanForum

  • Sundance - podcast interview - Fair Game Radio - Lauren Graham, of Gilmore Girls fame, talks to Faith about her role in the new indie film Birds of America. about 13 minutes long itunes copy (follow instructions) Nate the Lizaphile@FanForum

  • - Lauren Graham to give a TACA talk for local arts groups. Ms. Graham, a master of fine arts graduate of SMU, will talk to the TACA supporters and beneficiaries about the ups and downs of a life in the performing arts. blaab@FanForum

  • Sundance - Review of Birds of America - - This is a smart, poetic and deeply human film that meticulously explores what it means to communicate and be a part of a family. A remarkable, emotive work, the film’s sublime performances, razor sharp script and finely tuned direction males ''Birds of America'' a rich masterwork that is both gently humorous but ultimately a moving and vivid film. blaab@FanForum

  • Sundance - Higher quality pictures now at

  • Sundance - First pictures of Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry are coming out thanks to wireimage and gettyimages.

  • Birds of America - - Lauren Graham also came in at the last second, and she's used to having to do a lot of the internal work on her own. She's very sensitive and private, and these qualities gave her an edge in the story -- an outsider quality -- that she was able to use. She doesn't like to be reassured, and when she's having difficulty, she likes a little bit of room around her. I tried to respect that without abdicating my responsibilities. She had a fine-tuned hypervigilance about not turning her character into a cliché, and there was indeed the danger of that in the text; the wife is such a Swiss-watch of a person, high-strung and better-behaved (outwardly) than the sibs. Lauren functioned as a kind of dramaturge for the well-being of reality and truthfulness in the story itself, and I'm hugely grateful to her. She gives a bravura performance, as you'll see. - gjoni@FanForum

  • - Lauren will be at Sundance - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Birds of America - Here is a picture and short clip from Lauren's latest movie - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Birds of America - - Sundance Main Event Red Carpet Lounge will also host several premium private event on Monday, Jan. 21st, the "Birds of America" film premiere reception Brunch for Plum Pictures ( Grace is Gone, Diminished Capacity). Produced by Hilary Swank, Starring Matthew Perry, Ginnifer Goodwin, Lauren Graham. - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Evan Almighty - - made the Oscar's visual effects short list of 7. gossipcom@FanForum

  • The Dream of the Romans - - John Hindman is the founder of the iO West Writing Program, now in its sixth year. He has written for both television and film. As a story consultant he has provided analysis for studios, producers, and of course his students. He is the writer/director of "The Dream of the Romans", starring Jeff Daniels, Lauren Graham, and Paul Dano, which begins production in February '08. John was recently included on Hollywood's "Black List", a year-end list of the best screenplays. - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Project for Lauren? - THE DREAM OF THE ROMANS by John Hindman "A reclusive writer and a chiropractor fall in love, healing themselves and a recovering alcoholic in the process." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Couple of interviews for The Moguls - gossipcom@FanForum - Bridges, a total pro, adopts a genial, "Lebowski"-ish manner, bringing a level of commitment that the material renders pointless. Ditto Ted Danson, who's trapped in an even worse part as closeted homosexual Moose. These caricatures are almost three-dimensional, though, compared with the female roles (Valerie Perrine's aging stripper, Lauren Graham's ex-Playboy bunny), which are about as thankless as they are in traditional pornography. - Writer-director Michael Traeger provides his characters with foul mouths that mask sweet minds, and his jabs at certain sexual stereotypes are given extra verve by an energetic cast of familiar faces (Lauren Graham, Glenne Headly, Isaiah Washington, Valerie Perrine show up in small roles). Traeger's direction could use some tightening, as the movie drags a bit even at its relatively brief length. But ultimately, the movie's good vibes rub off on you, as it reveals itself to be more about friendship and generosity than porn, even if its dialogue can be ear-searing.

  • Quick mention of Lauren during an interview with Robert Maschio from Scrubs - - I took an Eliot, Joyce and Pound class at the time with my buddy Danny Futterman, who wrote Capote, the screenplay, and he's done really well as an actor-- and Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls, we were friends in college. Some of the more talented people weren't from drama school or from pounding the pavement in New York, they're from my days at Columbia. - gossipcom@FanForum

  • DVD Review: Gilmore Girls - The Seventh Season - - But ultimately, it’s Lauren Graham who makes the show so good. She is the center of everything, and is able to skillfully navigate between comedy and drama, frequently using her comedy as mask for the sadness underneath. - gossipcom@FanForum
  • Lauren's new movie "Laws of Motion" title has been changed to "Birds of America" Lois_Graham@FanForum

  • - Lauren's participating in Walks of Paw - charity auction. gossipcom@FanForum

  • People Photo Special "40 and Fabulous!" - LAUREN GRAHAM Turned 40: March 16 With the end of the Gilmore Girls, Lauren Graham is starting a new era in her life, transitioning to the big screen with the comedies Evan Almighty and Because I Said So. She'll next be seen in Flash of Genius with Dermot Mulroney. But the actress, who also inked a development deal with NBC, isn't all work and no play. "For my [40th] birthday, I rented a frozen margarita machine," she tells InStyle. - gjoni@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - September 26, 2007
    Question: Any luck with the Lauren Graham interview? - Gabriella
    Ausiello: Bad news: My BFF declined my interview request. I also tried to get a hold of NBC's Ben Silverman, the architect behind LG's megadeal, but he, too, was unavailable to speak to me. The same goes for Graham's manager, John Carrabino. Maybe the wall of silence is their way of keeping expectations in check. After all, as numerous sources tell me, this is nothing more than a standard 12-month holding deal, and one that may or may not result in a TV show. Whispers one insider, "NBC is basically paying her a crapload of money to spend a year sitting around reading bad scripts." Much like the cast of October Road.

  • - OBJECTS OF DESIRE (The CW, New!) - "Gilmore Girls" star Lauren Graham is developing a new dramedy at the netlet about the complicated relationships among staffers of a renowned auction house. Holly Sorensen ("Friends in Low Places") is writing the pilot script and executive producing with Graham and Kathy Ebel via their Warner Bros. Television-based Good Game Entertainment banner. As for specifics, it's understood the hour will mix the usual workplace antics with a procedural aspect in which each object's history is revealed over the course of the episode. - gjoni@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - September 19, 2007
    Question: Did you hear about Lauren Graham's big development deal with NBC? Being that you are her No. 1 fan, I'm assuming you are working on getting an interview with her to get the details of the whens/wheres/hows. — Moe
    Ausiello: You assume correctly.

  • Lauren Graham signs massive seven-figure deal with NBC - - In one of the year's richest TV talent pacts to date, NBC has inked former "Gilmore Girls" star Lauren Graham to a seven-figure development deal. - gossipcom@FanForum

  • "Good Game" lives! - official press release from - "Boxers or Briefs: Created by Good Game partners Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) and Kathy Ebel, this online dating game features female players selecting a date, guided only by visual clues of his personal style. Clues might include his shoes, his wallet, the last gift he gave for Mother's Day, and, yes, his choice of underwear. (Alternative)" - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Evan Almighty preview on Ch 7 Sunrise - youtube - divshare - I think we've seen most of it before, but there were interviews with Lauren, Steve and Wanda which I think were from day 2 and are new. They showed several Lauren scene and gave a basic rundown of the movie without giving the ending away. lancer1993@FanForum

  • | News Photo Gallery - eSightings - Pictures of Lauren and other cast on the set of Flash of Genius, thanks to Big Head want Dolly@FanForum also posted here thanks to blaab@FanForum

  • - Alan Alda is filming scenes - Celebrity icon, Alan Alda enjoys dinner at Vaticano and shares a laugh with Vatcano owner and chef, Felice. Alda is in town filming Flash of Genius with Greg Kinnear and Lauren Graham. - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Evan Almighty out on DVD (in the US) October 9th for $29.98 US - Universal Home Video has today officially announced Evan Almighty which stars Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Lauren Graham, and John Goodman. This Tom Shadyac directed comedy will be available to own from the 9th October, and should retail at around $29.98. The film itself will be presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen, along with an English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround track. Extras will include an Animals on Set Two by Two featurette, a Steve Carell Unscripted featurette, an Ark-itects of Noah's Ark featurette, a A Flood of Visual Effects featurette, a Casting Call: Serengeti feature, an It's Easy Being Green feature, deleted scenes, outtakes, interactive games, and more. A HD-DVD/DVD Combo release will also be available for $39.98. This will include all of the above, along with picture in picture features, an Ark Building for Dummies feature, an Animal Wrangler feature, and more. - niniebou@FanForum

  • - Evan Almighty - No release for Japan, "There aren't many Christians in Japan," said Masao Mitoma, UIP Japan's marketing manager. "Young people especially would have a hard time understanding the story." - "Evan Almighty" has cost Universal and financing partner Gun Hill II more than $200 million when marketing expenses are added to the official $175 million production cost. Although U and financier Ryan Kavanaugh downplay the extent of red ink "Evan Almighty" will spill once all the overseas markets and DVD sales trickle in, pic is still expected to end up in the loss column. - Lauren Graham Brasilian Fan@FanForum

  • - Evan Almighty DVD out soon - they DVD maybe be out about a month before Christmas and will also be in HD-DVD format - Ele309@FanForum

  • - Lauren plays mom - Lauren Graham has revealed she felt like a "fake mum" to the men on the set of Evan Almighty. - Big Head want Dolly@FanForum

  • Pictures - From the set of "Flash of Genius" - comments - pictures - thanks to RedFraggle@FanForum

  • LA Times Weekend section - scans - auntbee@FanForum

  • - These drama queens are worth watching "Lauren Graham, "Gilmore Girls" (CW): Those who watched "Gilmore Girls" just refer to it as The Scene. In the series' waning days, Graham, as a semidrunk Lorelai Gilmore at a karaoke bar, sang a jaw-dropping rendition of "I Will Always Love You," the memory of which can still bring a tear to the eye. All of Lorelai's devotion to her daughter Rory and all of her complicated feelings for diner owner Luke Danes was expressed in one weaving, silly, funny, heart-rending, perfectly calibrated performance." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • - July 2007 "Guilty Pleasures page 208" - anitabehindhazeleyes@FanForum

  • - "After greeting Maggie Grace with a hug, Lauren Graham got down to the business of dining at the Max Mara party..." - gjoni@FanForum

  • - Lauren Graham's favorite weekend - I tend to stay on the east side of town — I get nervous if I get west of La Cienega. That's like my cutoff, although I will drive to Beverly Hills on occasion. I actually like driving. When I first got here I bought a red Volkswagen Cabriolet, which was the car I always wanted. Then there was this moment when I realized: Hey, wait a minute. What am I doing driving a convertible? I'm pale and Irish! And after driving down PCH one time — being like, "I'm in Hollywood" — after that, all you do is smell the exhaust. But you have to live the dream. - LG rocks my socks@FanForum

  • - Lauren Graham, who stars in "Evan Almighty," bowing today

  • - "Her burgeoning film career might indicate that Graham will give TV a rest for a while, but not so, she says. "I love television. I would go back for sure. But let's face it; the next TV thing I do will be a disaster. It'll last three episodes, and that's just the odds." And then? "And then there will be the reunion movie of the Gilmore Girls," she says, laughing at her joke. "And that will be even worse." - Mots15@FanForum

  • - A Gilmore Girl Exits Onto Career Fast Track "Let's say there's a celebrity publicist on the line, saying her client's on the other line, and she's ready to be patched through. And, oh -- one thing -- you've got only 10 minutes to ask every question you're hoping to have answered." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Lauren interview - - "Had they had more warning that the end was coming, however, Graham assures us that something a little more special would have occurred." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Lauren was NOT on the Today Show (NBC) June 19, it is unknown why, it may have been taped.
    update Lauren was finally on Friday June 22.

  • Lauren interview - "The biggest challenge of 'Laws of Motion' was doing it with no sarcasm, no Lorelai, no 'comment,' " she says. "Just the challenge of taking out the little habits that I've gotten used to using - that's how you stretch and grow." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Lauren interview - "This is the happiest I've been in a while, yeah. To have kind of possibilities again and I feel like it's going to end up sounding like I'm complaining about the best job that I had and I'm not. It just was a stressful place. Lots of peoples' jobs are and so that's not like the worst thing ever but it's a relief to me to be just having new opportunities, so yes I'm happy." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Flash of Genius is confirmed as one of the upcoming movies Lauren will be doing - Sides and more details thanks to gossipcom@FanForum

  • Goldderby online chat with Lauren "The Chris storyline was rushed and could have been handled better considering the enviable break-up. Karaoke singing on Gilmore Girls was her idea, thinks more Luke and Lorelai would have been a good idea. Has 3 movies in the works, including one with Matt. Has jeans and the monkey lamp from set. Didn't do the DVD commentary as they don't get paid for them" Lots more on gossipcomm

  • Kristen eonline - Lauren on TV Movie "People keep asking me about it, and I haven't spoken to anyone who could actually make it happen. I do wish" - Danke@FanForum

  • Online chat with Lauren Goldderby, June 14. - Danke@FanForum

  • Lauren pictures at the LA premier of Evan Almighty, June 10.

  • Lauren Glamour magazine July 2007 Over Lunch Carole Radziwill talked with Lauren who had a Tofu salad and a Bloody Mary "Oh, maybe I've presented a guy with an award and we've gone on a date. And I have redated people I knew a long time ago." - Canopus@FanForum

  • Lauren honoured by Fresh Air Fund June 7 - pictures thanks to

  • Lauren will be on NBC Today June 19 - gossipcom@FanForum - update Lauren was on June 22.

  • Lauren is scheduled to attend the Wynn, Place and Show tribute that was held for Wynn Handman on May 21 - gossipcom@FanForum

  • - Lauren on Conan O'Brien Friday June 22 - gossipcom@FanForum - recap thanks to CohenGal@FanForum

  • Lauren on CNBC Friday 15th June - 23:00 - ele309@FanForum

  • - Lauren on Jay Leno, June 12 - gossipcom@FanForum

  • - Interview. "Speaking as a gentleman, I have to ask how a beautiful Irish-Catholic lass like you has stayed single so long? [Laughs] I don’t know! I don’t know! I’m not even trying that hard to stay single! I was in a real serious relationship as Gilmore Girls was starting, and then I went to work in a really intense way. I don’t blame my job, I’m really thankful to have had it, but it has limited things. So I hope to have more balance soon. I would love to be part of a family. It’s something that’s important to me. But I also have a lot of the things that I wanted in my career, and I never thought I would get this far. So I feel like things come in good time. I’ve had some great boyfriends, I’ve learned a lot, and now I’m ready for my last boyfriend." Scans thanks to Cappuccino and SoSaysI81

  • - Black Diamonds - voiceover.

  • Fanforum thread - with all the latest news.

  • Even Almighty opens in June.