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David Sutcliffe

  • NEW - - GROUP: A Documentary Web Series - David Sutcliffe is best know as an actor from television shows like "Gilmore Girls" and "Private Practice"; but for most of the last two years he's put his acting career on hold to pursue his passion project GROUP.

  • - Davie Sutcliffe to Guest Star on “Lie to Me” - According to EW, David’s character on Lie to Me will be a “Tony Robbins type”. According to FOX, we know that Cal Lightman will go head-to-head with the leader of a self-help empire (David Sutcliffe) in the “Beyond Belief” episode. Follow the link for photos and more.

  • - David Sutcliffe has signed up to star in Drop Dead Diva. The Gilmore Girls actor will appear in one episode of the Lifetime drama, Entertainment Weekly reports. Sutcliffe will reportedly take on the role of a man who is married to two women, played by Vivica A. Fox and Bellamy Young. However, the wives do not know of each other's existence.

  • - David Sutcliffe has started work on the new Hallmark Movie "The Wish List" alongside Jennifer Esposito. The love story centers on a highly organized young woman who after too many failed relationships makes a wish list of all the criteria her future husband must have. Then, after finding the perfect man who meets all of her qualifications, she falls in love with a guy who meets none of them and realizes that life and love don't always work out according to a master plan.

  • David Sutcliffe has guest stared on Accidentally on Purpose episode 3 One Night Stand, he plays Brian a long time friend of Billie (Jenna Elfman) Billie realizes that men find her more attractive despite her pregnancy. Even Zack sees her curves as a turn-on. Billie makes the move on him, but is turned away by Zack following an untoward incident involving suntan lotion.
    update - David Sutcliffe made a 2nd guest apperance on Accidentally on Purpose in episode 8 as Billie's boyfriend. They broke up at the end of the episode.

  • - David Sutcliffe - The genesis of 'Group' was both personal as much as professional. Sutcliffe, best known as an actor ('C.S.I.,' 'Gilmore Girls'), had undergone the Core Energetics training, inspired by Ann Bradney, four years ago, and felt that the dramatic revelations that it enabled for its practitioners would make for a powerful documentary.