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Fan Interview with Lauren Graham - April 28, 2006
It includes her personal opinions on the season 6 final and what happened.
FanForum link thanks to zoobymoo with updates not in the above link.
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  • TVGuide Podcast - Dec 22, 2006 - Ausiello is not overwhelmed, but is suprised it's as good as it is - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • interview with Krysten Ritter (Lucy) "I think I'm on [after midseason]... so we'll have to wait and see" - - withbatedbreath@FanBolt

  • Ask Ausiello - Dec 20, 2006 - "Lorelai and Christopher are going to have a huge falling-out in early '07 over a letter. Also, Rory's going to develop a crush on the hot young economics professor brought in to temporarily replace an ailing Richard. And there will be a death around Episode 13, but not a serious one. In fact, it's kinda funny." - Also no AA next week - caf123@FanBolt

  • TVGuide Podcast - Dec 15, 2006 - They talked about the ASP interview, possible return for the final and Luke being April's father - recap thanks to caf123@FanForum - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - Dec 13, 2006 - "What do you honestly think about Gilmore Girls this season?, Ausiello: The best compliment I can pay Dave Rosenthal is that it's no better or worse than last season...." - wej5541@FanBolt

  • Scott Patterson signed with an option of season 8 - here - Ciaobella@FanForum

  • TV Guide interview with Sally Struthers: Have you heard anything about this being the last season?
    Struthers: Oh, rumors galore. It's totally up in the air, and I don't think it's going to be decided until the spring. And then it's still going to be up to the CW — whether or not they would be willing to let it go forward with one or two characters missing and take the show in a whole other direction. - TV Guide - Katiegg108@FanForum

  • "The silence ends this week, and things are about to change. Unfortunately for Christopher, that means marital troubles are imminent. Luke will be back in Lore’s life, and the two will become a major support system to each other in the coming months." Kristin - wej5541@FanForum

  • Too clear up the foiler v spoiler, Luke is not moving to New Mexico, not sure about April or Anna - Saranoh@FanForum

  • TVGuide Podcast - Dec 01, 2006 - "The Richard being sick SL with Luke and Chris has been "tweaked" - "future kids for Chris and Lorelai may not play a part in the break up" - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • Studio tour - Snow in SH (probably ep 12) there is a Flat screen TV at the CS still to be put up and PA's bed can be seen. - picutres - WalkSoftly@FanForum

  • Gilmore Girls gets new competition from "Dateline NBC" when, in Jan "Friday Night Lights" is shifting from Tuesdays to Wednesday nights in January. It will still air at 8 p.m." - - Captain Hawkeye@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - Nov 22, 2006 - "Question: My BFF totally spotted you at the screening for Casino Royale Tuesday in New York! How could you do that on the same night of Lorelai and Chris' wedding? Does that mean it's not forever?- Mallory, Ausiello: That's exactly what that means" - lancer1993@FanBolt

  • Spoiler/Folier ? - "Chris will be in at least four of the last nine episodes, including the last one. He'll be around because he's dragging out the divorce. Luke and Lorelai will get back together before the divorce is final. Anna will use this against Luke in the custody trial, and he'll lose, and she'll take April to New Mexico. The season will end with Luke having to decide between staying in Stars Hollow or going to be with April. (My source's theory is that this leaves them an out if Scott Patterson comes up with more unreasonable demands for his contract.)" - gotzdahizzup@FanForum - update - "That "spoiler" is completely false" - sara2009@TwOP

  • "I can confirm that the “big event” happening in February is NOT a Lorelai pregnancy." - Saranoh@FanForum

  • TV Guide PodCast Nov 17, 2006 - DS only signed for a few eps in second half of season, Chris & Lorelai might be over by late Feb, NONE of them liked the C&L stuff, Not liking Marty still having feelings for Rory and they tries to work out what is different with him - recap thanks to katiegg108@FanForum - Transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • - Exclusive Interview Nov 16, 2006 - David S. Rosenthal, Head Writer and Executive Producer

  • "no new set for Rory, Snow coming soon" - Wheredidtheanvilsgo?@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - Marriage problems for C&L, Luke finds out when he sees the ring on Lorelai finger, Marty will complicate things for Rory and Logan, NO COMMENT when ask is Chris is out by ep 13, Luke, Luke and Christopher choose to deal with Richard's health crisis in very different ways: Luke chooses to run around helping Emily, while Christopher chooses to go off and sulk about a bad fight he had with Lorelai. - caf123@FanForum

  • "It is just too early to tell. But it is up to them. If they really want the show back, they can make it happen," Patterson says. Mag13@FanForum

  • Confirmed Rumor -- Lane is expecting twins. - Nicolalala@FanBolt

  • Ask Ausiello - Will not see the I do's between Lorelai and Christopher - There's a moment coming up later this month between Luke and Lorelai that is so moving and poignant that it'll have Christopher seeing green. Two hints: said moment occurs outdoors, and it involves an infant. - I hear Episode 13 marks a turning point in the Luke/Lorelai/Christopher triangle. And Richard's health crisis plays a critical role. - Logan's moving home! At least closer to home. He's going to accept a job at an Internet start-up in New York.

  • Lauren Graham to appear on Jimmy Kimmel (Nov. 6) and talk about this season - FuzzyCerts@FanForum - TV Guide column Bella21@FanForum

  • "unconfirmed prattle about a big event taking place in February" and Whispergate - Ask Ausiello - lancer1993@FanBolt

  • "L&L start talking before ep 7.10" - genki@FanForum

  • TV Guide podcast - Oct 27, 2006 - MA thinks "C&L are not the "endgame", the C&L thing seams rushed, " "‘Cause she’s pretty and has knockers that are cute." - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • Ausello interview with David Rosenthal - Oct 31 cover - just the elope part - of the TV Guide Oct 30, 2006 cover - mots15@FanForum

  • "...the extra DS eps are for the end of the season, meaning possibly for Rory's graduation etc. They won't have an effect in prolonging L/C. Also, DR & Co. are supposedly up to 7.11 in the writing, and since they can't write L/C for longer than ep 7.13 without knowing for sure that they'll have DS, they must be already writing the beginnings of the breakup." - LarLar1286@TWoP

  • "DS contract was asked to be extended but not signed yet." - Fraz@FanBolt

  • LG was not on set Oct 12 or 13 - gossipcom@FanBolt

  • DS told a friend of Fraz that he was shooting the wedding Oct 13 - Fraz@FanBolt

  • "Lauren didn't attend the Lili Claire benefit she was in NY on that day" - gossipcom@FanBolt

  • Reports are that Lauren was in NYC on October 13, the same day that Fraz said they shot the wedding scenes for C&L on the same day - Nadine - Lois_Graham@FanForum

  • LG was in NYC the weekend of Lili Claire beneft - gossipcom@FanBolt

  • " Also I can confirm that friday the 13th how funny they did indeed film a Chris and Lor wedding no details that is all I know" - Fraz@FanBolt

  • Chris and Lorelai DO ELOPE in a future episode - Ask Ausiello - lancer1993@FanBolt
Question: For weeks you've been dishing out precious few GG spoilers. What is happening?— Elen
Ausiello: You're right. And to make it up to you, I'm going to fill in a few more letters in my GG asterisk quiz. (Major-ass spoiler alert.) But I suppose I could reveal it in the form of an asterisk quiz. I have it on good authority that Lorelai and Christopher — I cannot believe I am telling you this — e***e during November sweeps. If anyone asks, you did not hear it from me.

CW Launch Party
Interviewed by Ausiello TV Guide
Transcripts by lorelaisgirl
Video from Canopus
Lauren Graham
Matt Czuchry
Scott Patterson
David Sutcliffe
E online
Lauren Graham lorelaisgirl@FanForum n/a

2006 Summer TCA

From FanForum - Courtesy of caf123

Ausiello's interview with DR - Courtesy of xmonalpx

  • Repercussions from the finale “affect not just Lorelai and Christopher and Luke, but Rory as well.”

  • R/L “are very much in love and will work hard to make [the long-distance relationship] work. ... There will be people in her life, male and female. Perhaps the return of characters from past seasons.”

  • L/L “have a very, very deep bond. ... But sometimes soul mates spend a lot of time not together. Just because someone's your soul mate and may be your ultimate destiny, does not mean that there's not a lot to go through before you reach that destiny.”

  • Luke will have issues this year in terms of his deepening relationship with April and his relationship with Anna.

  • Christopher and Lorelai .... I don't want to give away too much, but, yeah, he's a major part of her life this year.

From Ausiello's live blog of the TCA Gilmore Girls Panel - Courtesy of caf123

  • Logan will stay in London

  • Rory will have new love interests (MA later deleted this item - courtesy of Jazzbee)

  • Marty will be back

  • Christopher will be a bigger presence than ever before.

  • "It sounds like" LL will be broken up, at least during the first part of the season.

  • LG and KAB both "leave door open" to possible season 8.

other earlier spoilers

  • Ask Asuiello - The first 6 of eps will be dramatic for Luke and Lorelai and Both Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel will be joining Dave R. at CW's Gilmore Girls session. Gemini8525@FanForum

  • From Ask Ausiello - Milo did dish about a possible return to Gilmore Girls, saying it's "never going to happen", more here from the Ausiello Report.

Other Spoilers
The text in RED is my thoughts

Gilmore Girls should renewed for season 7, with at least 22 episodes. We wait for the "upfronts" on May 18 for the official word, It is likely to remain in it current time slot on the new CW network. update - the season now has a 22 episode run.

NEW - From Ask Ausiello - Milo did dish about a possible return to Gilmore Girls, saying it's "never going to happen", more here from the Ausiello Report.
So I guess it is unlikely he will be back for the Luke and Lorelai wedding.

David Sutcliffe (Christopher) Will be back for season 7, and has been signed for up to 13 episodes.
With how the season ended it's like Chris will play a key role in the season, atleast for the first half.

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