Just between us, so don't post this.

It looks like it will be 100% that Lorelai did slept with Chris, she will see her mistake and finally get closure with Chris, I don't know if this means DS will have less eps or just be there for Rory LOL

I was told that for unknown reason Amy changed he mind when it came to Luke & Lorelai being married, early in the season. She didn't think she was doing anything wrong.

Luke was scared of loosing April, which explains his actions but IMO he was blinded by that and didn't see what he was doing to Lorelai.

They will move towards a reunion (so they do break up) when Lorelai starts to miss Luke, but that will depend on ratings. Which I don't get because there is up to a 6 ep gap between them being made and the ratings coming in.

The new runner may be leaning more towards a happier GG than this year, at least for the ending.

SP was not happy with how Luke was being written and wondered why he signed.