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This is site news about this site and general Gilmore Girls news, NOT spoilers.
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  • Channel Nine is showing the last Gilmore Girls episode tonight (Feb 4, 2006) and it is not known when they will be back.
  • Arena TV has changed it's tv schedule for the month of February, Gilmore Girls is no longer on, unknown when it will be back.
  • New eps will be shown on Channel Nine over the summer, starting with "The Reigning Lorelai" on Saturday the 3rd of December 2005 at 6:30pm followed but "Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin' the Twist" at 7:30pm. It is not known how long it will be on for.
  • New episodes of Gilmore Girls in August on Arena, Thursday nights at 9:30pm to be repeated on Fridays at 2:30pm. There will also be episodes on Saturday nights at 7:30pm but it is unknown if this will be season 3 also or repeats of season 2.
  • Added acronym page that list all the episode titles.
  • Added a page with credits, including who wrote and/or directed the different episodes by name.
  • Also added a full list of guest stars in alphabetical and by each season.
  • In response to a TV Week letter Channel 9 has said that new episodes of Gilmore Girls will air later this year, but as always don't hold your breath. Others who have called the network which has said there are no plans currently. If they do I would not expect new episodes until late in the year, November or December if we are lucky.
  • Season 4 will be on DVD 20th of September, again it looks like they will be only R1 (not for sale in Australia), but previous Gilmore Girls seasons I have bought from Amazon work fine on R4 DVD player.
  • I have added a page with the awards the show and stars have won over the years and also started to add my own reviews to each episodes, I will add them for the new episodes each week and pervious seasons when I have time.
  • Season 3 will be on DVD 3rd of May, again it looks like they will be only R1 (not for sale in Australia), but previous Gilmore Girls seasons I have bought from Amazon work fine on R4 DVD player.
  • On Saturday the 5th of February the 2nd season final episode of Gilmore Girls will air on Arena TV. The following week Jack & Jill will be in it's place, so no 3rd season on Arena TV yet. But the 2nd season starts again the night before on Friday the 4th of February at 11pm.
  • No word yet on when new Gilmore Girls will air on Ch 9.
  • Again no new Gilmore Girls for the 15th of January on Ch 9, lets see what the next week brings! Meanwhile in the US on The WB new episodes with air from Tuesday the 25th, with episode 100 on the 8th of February.
  • The Gilmore Girls is NOT returning to Channel 9 on the 8th of January, we'll have to wait a week to see if it comes back on the 15th.
  • Another series that 9 is not currently airing is Smallville, 9 has not aired new episodes for almost a year. But Season 2 will go on sale shortly in Australia, 9 is about half way through that season. Season 3 is on sale in the US where they are half way through season 4 airing on The WB.
  • On forum pages it has been rumored that Gilmore Girls may be back on Channel Nine from Saturday the 8th of January 2005. This has not been confirmed yet, it is also unknown what episode will air. It may be either 4.15 - Scene in a Mall or 4.16 - The Reigning Lorelai depending on the station.
  • The Gilmore Girls DVD work in a R4 DVD player even though the DVD has R1 printed on them, so anyone in Australia who wants to buy them but didn't know if they would work, well they do.
  • The 2nd Season is now on DVD, check it out at Amazon, the 1st Season is still also available. I have my copies on order.
  • The show is currently on a hiatus and is rumored to air January 25, 2005, for episode 98.
  • Recently the cast celebrated the 100th episode, which is rumored to air February 8, 2005.
Programs referred to here are what has aired in the Wide Bay area of Queensland Australia.
Programs may have aired in other part of the country or state at different times.